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Next-generation target identification

Traditional approach

  • Rely on findings from published data, OR

  • Wetlab experiments in simplistic models, not representing disease biology OR

  • Generate bespoke data in isolated data modalities (e.g. genomics) and use traditional statistics to measure correlation between target expression and clinical outcomes

  • Data modalities used: 1-2

Aignostics approach

  • Generate bespoke multi-modal data and use advanced, integrated ML algorithms to identify targets via multimodal “explainable” AI

  • Data modalities used: 6+

Complex biomarker analyses

Traditional approach

  • Clinical signals (e.g biomarkers) are assessed via manual pathologist review (histology), limiting potential to discover complex signals

  • These signals cannot be meaningfully combined with omics data

  • More complex signals may be challenging to measure accurately or scalably, especially if they aren’t standard of care

Aignostics approach

  • Leverage machine learning to detect and measure  novel, complex signals quickly and with high fidelity

  • In addition to custom analyses, we are building a suite of “off-the-shelf” translational research applications:

    • Tissue QC

    • Cell detection

    • Cell classification 

    • Tissue segmentation

    • Mitosis detection

    • Complex IHC algorithms
      (membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus intensity scoring)

    • Membrane segmentation

    • Omics analyses

Toolkits for trials and clinics

Traditional approach

  • Biomarkers in clinical trials and companion diagnostics are assessed via manual review or traditional algorithmic approaches

Aignostics approach

  • Generate advanced machine learning algorithms that power:

    • GCP-compliant biomarker scoring in clinical trials

    • Interim analyses for ongoing clinical trials

    • Complementary diagnostics
      (e.g. patient pre-selection/screening)

    • Companion diagnostics

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