AI for precision medicine

Turning complex biomedical data into transformative insights

Our mission

Enable precision medicine for every patient.

Our mission is to transform drug development and improve patient outcomes with offerings that deliver novel insights for precision medicine.

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Target Identification

We leverage multi-modal AI and our proprietary datasets to identify novel targets for biopharma.

Translational Research

We analyze complex imaging and omics data reliably and at scale for preclinical development.

Trials & Companion Diagnostics

We develop regulatory-grade algorithms that streamline scoring of biomarkers for clinical trials and CDx.

case study

Our best-in-class foundation model for histopathology: RudolfV is the most comprehensively benchmarked foundation model today.

Our histopathology foundation model outperforms existing models when evaluated against public benchmarks.

Our Foundation Model

We uniquely combine tech, data and science at scale.


We engineer patented, “explainable” AI technologies that reduce time to model and improve performance, including an industry-leading foundation model.


We have proprietary access to high-quality, multimodal pathology data across standard of care modalities (histopathology, omics, clinical outcomes), and “future of care” modalities (e.g., mIF, proteomics, spatial transcriptomics, scRNAseq etc.) as well as bespoke data generation capabilities.


Our team has deep roots in pathology and machine learning research, and we frequently collaborate with external research partners on academic, clinical, and technical projects.


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Be part of our diverse and fast-growing team and work on problems that really matter, while being embedded in an exciting mix of tech, scientific research and medical device development.

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