We are appointing Jessica Riley as our new Chief Business Officer!

January 01, 2022

We are excited to announce that we are appointing Jessica Riley as Chief Business Officer as we work toward building out our presence in the USA in 2022. Jess has a 15-year career in the field of precision diagnostics and has worked across a broad spectrum of technologies in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies to deliver companion diagnostics into the clinic, from conception through to market authorization. In this multi-modal era of digital healthcare we believe Jess can build on her experiences from Qiagen, Leica, Guardant and most recently PathAI to help Aignostics’ next phase of growth into this space.

“I feel very passionate about utilizing state of the art technology for digital pathology applications, identifying new biomarkers and ultimately improving quality of patient care across many disease areas. I really believe Aignostics has all the right tools to accomplish this. Their close ties to world class clinicians at the Charité, access to samples and data and a patented “Explainable AI” approach to machine learning will fuel this mission and I’m very excited to come on board the team and contribute to pioneering the computational pathology space.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Jess on our next phase of growth. Following the rapid success of our work in pre-clinical and translational research over the last year, we feel that we now have the base to (a) expand our US presence more seriously, and (b) bring more CDx experience on board to drive development and commercialization of candidates. We believe that Jess has the perfect skill set for both, and we are looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.”, says Viktor Matyas, CEO

About Aignostics

Aignostics, a Berlin based company with offices in the US, is a digital pathology company dedicated to novel precision diagnostics through the use of a proprietary “Explainable AI” platform in pre-clinical and translational research and clinical trials. The use of such technology is expected to be crucial to implementation of AI-powered algorithms in routine diagnostics in order to verify (explain) the model’s decision outputs. Additionally, through its close alignment to Charité and TU Berlin amongst other collaborators, only Aignostics offers the combination of data access, sample testing and pathology expertise to develop digital pathology algorithms spanning multi-modal biomarker assay detection systems such as H&E, IHC and mIF, amongst others.


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Viktor Matyas, CEO

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