Aignostics Platform

We combine rich data access, leading technologies, and deep roots in science and engineering to generate key insights for precision medicine.

Our approach is rooted in high-quality data

Our partnerships with leading university hospitals and laboratories provide deep access to pathology data, including:

Standard of Care Modalities

Access to longitudinal pathology and clinical data across indications:

  • Histopathology (e.g. H&E, IHC, etc.)

  • Omics data (e.g. DNA, RNA, etc.)

  • Clinical data (e.g. diagnosis, treatment, outcomes)

“Future of Care” Modalities

Access to existing research cohorts and the ability to generate new cohorts on demand for modalities that are shaping the future of precision medicine:

  • mIF

  • scRNA-seq

  • Spatial transcriptomics

  • Proteomics

  • Methylomics

  • Etc

We generate industry-leading AI technologies

Key features of Aignostics Technology:

Leading histopathology foundation model

Our histopathology foundation model demonstrates leading performance on public benchmarks and not only improves the accuracy of downstream tasks, but also dramatically reduces the need for training data.

Patented “Explainable AI”

Explainable AI uses layer-wise relevance propagation to infer which model inputs had a significant impact on AI model results (e.g.,  which image/data features correlate with patient outcomes).

Patented “Label Extraction”

Label Extraction increases the accuracy and scalability of traditional annotation approaches through the use of same section stainings that are co-registered with pixel-level precision and leveraged for automated cell-level annotation of the underlying image. 

Interactive customer pathology portal

Our browser-based client portal enables integrated viewing and co-registration of mIF, IHC, and H&E, quickly rendering millions of cells in an intuitive, fully interactive manner.

At Aignostics, good science is at the core of what we do, which is why we’ve built a team of highly accomplished researchers, expert pathologists, and ML engineers to support our clients.

In addition to client projects, our team frequently collaborates with external research partners on thought leadership, clinical research, and technical projects that help advance the fields of AI and pathology more broadly.

Our team has extensive experience in research, medicine, and engineering.

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