Pathology needs an AI revolution

Today, manual microscopic evaluation of tissue samples by pathologists is the gold standard for diagnosing cancer as well as many degenerative, infectious and inflammatory diseases. Given our ageing population, as well as the increase in numbers and complexity of cancer cases worldwide, a global shortage of pathologists is imminent. Moreover, manual analysis lacks the precision and ability to draw deeper conclusions from data to support the precision medicine and drug development processes of tomorrow.

To address these challenges, we are developing an AI-based image analysis system to assist pathologists in standardised, automated, and precise quantitative tissue diagnostics.

The first explainable AI solution for pathology

Our “explainable” AI overcomes “black-box” limitations of conventional AI. Based on our patented technology for reverse engineering the black box, we render diagnostic results explainable in form of precise heatmaps and image overlays. These heatmaps allow pathologists to quickly verify results of the AI, which is crucial, as the pathologist is ultimately responsible for the diagnosis.

Our approach is therefore not aimed at replacing pathologists, but to make them significantly faster and more precise in clinical diagnostics. In addition, our approach is also very well suited to gain deeper insights in research settings, such as drug development.

What we do

We are an interdisciplinary team of AI scientists, pathologists, software engineers and business professionals dedicated to taking explainable AI from our research lab into the world.

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